Power Building Tip – ‘Next level’ Takeoffs

If you’re an experienced builder you may be able to estimate the cost of a small one-off job in your head, but generally, most builds and renovations start with a takeoff which will form the basis of your quote.

Still doing manual takeoffs?
If you’re still doing manual takeoffs using a ruler and traditional blueprints and plans, then it’s most likely that you’re spending way too long costing up your jobs and producing quotes. And if you’re not charging for your quotes, then it’s costing your business money and lost productivity.

Even if you’re using Excel spreadsheets instead of paper to capture all the measurements and quantities, there’s a much better and quicker way to do your takeoffs and cost up your jobs.

Cut the time it takes to produce your quotes by up to 80%
Using software to do your takeoffs, cost up your jobs and produce your quotes is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to run your business and it will save you hours, and even days of work.

Watch this 1:30 clip as Dan shows you how quickly you can measure up the exterior of a house with our on-screen takeoff tool. I think you’ll agree that it’s a real game changer.


How easy was that!